Manage Your Hostnames with vRealize Automation

Ted SpinksBy Ted Spinks

There are multiple options for how vRealize Automation (vRA) can manage the hostnames of its provisioned machines.  When you’re trying to figure out which one makes the most sense for your organization, understanding the 5 most common options is a great place to start.  Ted Spinks, a VMware Cloud Automation TAM Tech Lead, helps you put these options into context by identifying specific scenarios and challenges that each option is best suited to solve. The article also covers the setup of each option, so that you can try them all out and get a good feel for each one.

This 2-part blog series addresses:

  1. Machine Prefix feature
  2. “Hostname” custom property
  3.’s Custom Hostnaming Extension
  4. vRealize Orchestrator workflow
  5. Professional services

Read the full blog series:
Part 1 – Understand Your vRA Hostnaming Options!
Part 2 – Manage vRA Hostnaming with a Small vRO Workflow

Ted Spinks is a Senior Technical Account Manager at VMware.

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